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Why we do It

a manifesto? of sorts...

What We Do.

Burning Daylight Draft Farm is so much more than the mega-ag high production farm that produces the majority of agricultural products in Minnesota. First and foremost, our primary focus is on education and wellness. We believe that everyone is entitled to know where their food comes from, how it is raised and what is being done to respect and preserve its natural dignity.

To achieve this we work as partners with the animals in our care, listening to their wants and needs. This provides an environment where the animals can choose to live a life that brings them contentment, and limits stress. We recognize that processing animals for food is inherently at odds with the animals desire to live. The counterpoint to this is our commitment to giving  them the best life they can have, with only one bad day at the end. The trade-off is healthier, happier  animals provide healthier, higher quality food for us. 

Locally produced food, raised on natural pasture reduces the environmental impacts of our operation in several key ways. First, we are keeping land in its natural wooded and prairie state, using mixed species grazing and rotation to provide the fertilization and pressure grasses and forage need to thrive. Second, by producing and distributing our products locally we are reducing the carbon footprint of transportation AND the stress of the animals. Thirdly, by doing all of the heavy lifting on the farm with Draft Horse power, we have cut the emissions our farm produces even more. 

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